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Maria - Grower
"For me, growing equals joy. I love the entire process. From selecting flowers to grow, starting seeds, nurturing tiny seedlings and watching plants grow. Sharing these magical blooms is what Village Grown does. Growing flowers allows me to share the joy, magic and wonder of life."
Allen - Infrastructure 
"Sometimes 30 years of marriage comes in handy. No farm can be successful without a person who can fix, build and design. Allen is the master of the technical tools on the farm, builder of everything used to grow, and my personal support system."
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The Dream

Our tiny flower farm is located near Historic Cross Village, a quiet rural community in Northern Michigan. We grow and care for a wide variety of annual and perennial flowers on just a quarter acre of land. Our flowers are almost always grown from seed and carefully chosen for their uniqueness, color and fragrance. 


At Village Grown we grow flowers seasonally, strive for farm sustainability, focus on feeding our largest assets, the soil and using our groundwater responsibly. Our micro-flower farm works to grow organically and intensely on a small footprint, providing a pesticide free bouquet, 100% locally grown.  We believe that everyone can find passion, meaning and creativity in their lives and flowers are one of our "tools" of choice. 


Our efforts focus on attracting an engaged and inspired customer base that we call friends, not customers and we try to adopt a spirit of service and education in all that we do.  We love the Seasons and how they bring a new palette of colors and blooms with them.  Locally-grown flowers are beautiful, especially those we grow ourselves.  To us, flowers are living art and poetry.

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